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Iso Floor

For Electrical equipment rooms

Loads up to 14 tonnes High Quality Fits all systems 300-2100 mm

Bergvik’s Iso Floor is the obvious choice of floor system for substations and other electrical spaces. Iso Floor can withstand extra high loads and can be customised to project-specific requirements.

flexible raised access floor system

The Iso Floor system is designed to create a flexible environment for electronic equipment. The floor can be adapted with integrated transformer stands and reinforced transformer passages in all areas where heavy loads occur (up to 14 tonnes).

Bergvik’s CAD department specially designs all floor systems in order to ensure quality and requirements unique to the project. We manufacture floor panels in various sizes for the best possible fit. Iso Floor can be built up to 2.1 metres in height, which provides very good space under the floor. The flexible placement of the pedestals also ensures that floor panels and substructure are independent of each other, which allows extra spacious cableways.


  • For floor heights between 300-2100 mm. For higher floor heights we recommend Bergvik HiFlex Floor.
  • All heavy equipment, including transformers up to 9 tonnes, can be placed directly on the stable and self-supporting substructure. No expensive reinforcements are needed.
  • For full access to the plenum in service aisles, we use different panel sizes, from 315-915x600 mm.
  • The flexible system enables adaptations for future expansion and changes.
  • With up to 1200x1200 mm between the pedestals there is plenty of space for your installations.
  • The flexible pedestal placement means that no pedestals are in the way under cabinets and cableways.
  • Up till 70% fewer pedestals are used than with conventional substation floors.
  • All cabling can be attached directly to Iso Floor’s stable substructure with Bergvik’s smart attachment device for the cable ladder bracket.


Choose from Bergvik's standard decor Granite, Alder and Oak.

Iso Floor el


SPECIFICATION – Rigid Grid Access Flooring

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Floor system in general

Gross weight

45 kg/m2 floor area

Distributed load
10-50 kN/m2 (10 kN/m2 as standard at deflection L/300)

Finished floor height (FFH)

Iso Floor
Iso Floor Compact


300 mm - 2 100 mm

150 mm - 400 mm


Specification steel sub-structure


80x40x1,5 mm. Adjustable ±25 mm

Primary beam
80x40x1,5 mm
Secondary beam
80x40x1,5 mm
Fire rating
Corrosion protection
Hot-dipped galvanized


Specification floor panel


38 mm high density particle board, classification V20 as standard. Moisture resistant panel core classified as V313 as an option.

600x600x38 mm as standard. Customised sizes are available.
Bergvik direct laminate
M335 as standard. Alder and Oak as options.
30 kg/m2
Load class
Load tested according to EN 12825
Fire rating

Bfl-s1, according to EN 13501-1. ASTM E84 Class1 with laminated aluminium on the underside.


Non-combustible floor panel of calcium sulphate in size 600x600x36 mm.

Floor panels can be coated with carpet or HPL-laminate.




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The flexibility of the floor due to the different sized floor panels makes cabling and maintenance simple and easy! Bergvik always has good service and is a saf…


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The world’s highest performing synchrotron light laboratory has been built in Lund, Sweden. The expansion of the MAX IV laboratory began in 2016. The operation …

Electrical equipment rooms

Electrical equipment & Substations

Heavy Industry

Flooring for Heavy Industry

Secure Seismic Solutions

Bergvik Seismic Solutions

Complete range of accessories

We provide a wide range of accessories for our floors. One example is Bergvik’s smart holder clamp for cable ladders, which is very easy to attach and offers several different options for cabling. The range also includes ventilation grilles and panels in different materials and sizes. Contact us for more information on our range of accessories.


Fastener for cable ladder bracket

Bergvik’s holding clamp for cable ladder brackets is an accessory adapted to Iso Floor and HiFlex Floor (finished floor height minimum 400 mm). They fit most of the usual ladder brackets on the market and it is also possible to attach other equipment, such as e.g. ”Canalis rails” directly to this fastener.

The holding clamp is designed for easy mounting and has two fastening pins (M10) for attaching the ladder on two sides. If fastening pins are needed on several sides, you must connect two units. The holding clamp is easily attached to the pedestal with a mount and two M8 nuts. The holding clamp comes electro-plated and is ordered/delivered complete for the mounting of two brackets per pedestal.


Ventilation grille

Bergvik’s ventilation grille in hot galvanised finish is available in several sizes and materials - both grounded and ungrounded.
Each mesh is 33x33 mm with 2 mm support profiles, which means that as much as 77% is open surface.
Contact us for more information on our ventilation grilles.


Calcium sulphate panels

Bergvik’s floor panel of calcium sulphate is a non-combustible panel and resists moisture very well.
As standard, it is coated with 0.9 mm HPL laminate (Print 577).
It can also be supplied coated with plastic or linoleum or uncoated (tongue and groove, 32 mm).

The underside is coated with aluminium foil or alternatively, steel plate. Calcium sulphate is a fibre-reinforced plaster and is
thus non-combustible. This makes it especially suitable for environments where you want to prevent smoke build-up,
such as in mines, tunnels, underground stations.
Calcium sulphate is also suitable in environments with high humidity and major temperature changes.


Panel lifter

Practical panel lifter which makes it easy to lift and place floor
panels during maintenance, installations, repairs and such.



Custom built ramp with anti-slip protection as standard. 
Can be delivered together with the associated railing.


Stairs, Railings, Ramps, Border Fascia Panels

This ensures proper, neat and safe access onto your Bergvik raised access floor.
We offer custom designed stairs, produced to match the floor finish.
We also offer aluminium railings and ramps, custom built for each project by Bergvik.











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