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#English #Laboratory #Electrical equipment room #Iso Floor

Development of the MAX IV laboratory

#English #Laboratory #Electrical equipment room #Iso Floor

The world’s highest performing synchrotron light laboratory has been built in Lund, Sweden. The expansion of the MAX IV laboratory began in 2016. The operation of this giant building is secure with high-quality and safe floors from Bergvik.


We had specific requirements on the floors, such as the possibility of modifying the position of the support legs and other requirements that only Bergvik managed. The collaboration with Bergvik has been excellent! I had a timetable
for how and when the various rooms would be assembled and Bergvik managed to both deliver and assemble within the given time frames. I am very pleased with Bergvik!

Jan Hermansson
Production Manager - ApQ EL


In 2016, the fourth expansion of the MAX IV laboratory in Lund was inaugurated, which has the best performance of its kind in the world. The new plant contains two storage rings, the largest with a circumference of 528 meters. By way of comparison, the perimeter of the Colosseum is 527 meters. Operating this plant to create synchrotron light requires enormous energy resources and many operating rooms around the entire storage rings. The assignment to install the entire electricity distribution network for the plant ended up at GaQ, a holding company between Goodtech and ApQ EL. Through them, Bergvik was assigned the task of supplying and installing raised access floors in all the electrical compartments.

ApQ EL’s Production Manager at MAX IV Jan Hermansson says:
"The choice fell on Bergvik because we saw the greatest opportunity to be able to modify the support legs more easily. The number of support legs was also decisive. Bergvik could provide us with a perfect solution because the floor is constructed with primary and secondary beams, providing full flexibility.”

Specific requirements

From April 2012 to September 2013, Bergvik delivered and installed flooring for 98 rooms totalling 1914m2 to GaQ on MAX IV. Raised flooring was required for Transformer Rooms, LSP Rooms, HSP Rooms and Electrical Environmental zones. Any of which needed support for heavy loads. With Bergvik’s Iso Floor this is not a problem. Iso Floor can withstand 1000kg/m2, without reinforcements. With reinforcements and transformer frame integrated in the base frame, the floor can withstand up to 14 tonnes.


MAX IV is a research laboratory for highly efficient Nano volume characterization and crystallization of biological macromolecules. Electrons are produced in an ”electron gun” and accelerated in a 300 m linear accelerator to 3400 MeV. When the laser light is deflected into the MAX IV rings, the electrons emit synchrotron light. Here, researchers are given the opportunity to investigate molecular structures and surfaces in detail, something that has never been done before.



ApQ EL was founded in 2000 and operates within electrical installations, tele, data and security, network etc. The company has about 250 employees distributed across several facilities in the southern part of Sweden.