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Data centre

Applications for data centre

Iso Floor for Data centres

Bergvik’s dynamic Iso Floor system has a unique structure with a stable substructure and specially designed floor panels. This makes the floor system very flexible for your future needs with regards to the size, weight of equipment and cooling requirements etc. Bergvik Iso Floor is the only floor system that allows unique optimisation for data centres due to the flexible design.

Iso Floor’s design allows for easy access to the plenum. All floor panels can be lifted without compromising the structural integrity of the floor. This assists in facilitating cabling, other installations and service needs. The possibility of 1200mm x 1200mm spacing between pedestals maximises usable space in the floor void.

The Iso Floor has a very high load capacity which enables the equipment, such as UPS and CRAC/CRAH units, to be placed directly on the floor or on top of our integrated support frames.


Iso Flex-Grid for Data centres

Iso Flex-Grid is a ceiling system that functions both as a flexible, load-bearing ceiling system and a separate return air duct. It is an extremely cost-effective solution and with its strong and smart design, the Iso Flex-Grid can withstand heavy loads while ensuring flexibility for any future adaptation.

Iso Flex-Grid is equipped with a threaded slot that runs along the entire underside of the grid. In this slot, all types of equipment can easily be mounted for suspension. Above the ceiling, equipment such as cable ladders, lighting, electrical busway systems and the like are easily mounted via the slot on the top of the profile. Iso Flex-Grid is designed for point loads up to 300kg.

Similar to the Iso Floor, the Iso Flex-Grid can be adapted to the equipment requirements ensuring optimal access in all aisles. Should the need arise for modifications or additions, the Iso Flex-Grid can easily be modified and supplemented according to the new requirements.


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