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About us

Bergvik South Africa

This is Bergvik

Mission Statement:

“It takes courage to do the right thing. That is why our mission at Bergvik is to only offer our customers the right solution upfront, knowing that they can rely on our products for decades to come, without adding major costs when they upgrade or reconfigure.”


Bergvik Southern Africa is a South African based company with our Head office, Showroom, Warehouse and fabrication facility located in Midrand. We also have a Sales and Administration office in the Western Cape.

We specialise in complete raised access flooring and structural ceiling solutions, primarily for the electrical and power industries, as well as data centres. Bergvik Southern Africa has been operational since 2007 and have completed projects in majority of the African countries. We offer full turnkey solutions for these specific environments.

Bergvik Southern Africa is part of the Bergvik Group and has subsidiaries in Sweden, USA, Norway and Australia.







Compliant with the POPI & PAIA
regulations of South Africa.

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