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Power Distribution & Monitoring Systems

Reduced installation costs Reliable Aesthetically Appealing Flexible

Established nearly 90 years ago, Starline, has grown to become a global leader in power distribution equipment. The Starline brand was first introduced by the idea of creating a smartly designed, stationary yet flexible overhead power supply system. This idea eventually morphed into Starline Track Busway; today’s industry-leading overhead electrical power distribution system. 

The Starline product portfolio comprises the most flexible, reliable and customisable power distribution system on the market today.

Flexible, reliable and customisable

Starline Track Busway (Busbar)

The revolutionary Starline Track Busway is a power distribution system that is available in various sizes from 40 to 1200 amps. The system is very flexible as the plug-in units can be mounted steplessly throughout the length of the busbar. Other main benefits include reduced facility construction costs, faster installation and the ability to customize solutions to fit your needs. Starline Plug-in units can also be disconnected and connected without interrupting power and the product requires no routine maintenance.


Starline Critical Power Monitor (CPM) (Monitoring)

This product combines accurate measurement with flexibility to determine how information is communicated. In addition to having a display on the unit, the various network and serial communications interfaces facilitate integration with BMS and DCIM solutions. Can be used on Track Busway applications, as well as a standalone measuring unit with cable connection for connection between socket/PDU.


Starline DC Solutions

Starlines DC Solutions powerful direct current system has flexible modularity, higher efficiency, is more cost-effective and reliable while enjoying the security of global safety regulations. Starline DC Solutions has developed the unique power support system technology that makes DC power for data centres possible. From the recent addition of DC Solutions to the launch of the new Critical Power Monitor (CPM), there is a clear commitment to sustaining Starline’s strong position within the industry. The company’s focus on innovation continues to pave the way for safer and more reliable power distribution systems.

Data centre

Iso Floor & Iso Flex-Grid for data centre

Electrical equipment rooms

Electrical equipment & Substations




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