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Iso Flex-Stand

The dynamic floor stand

Earthquake-resistant Support in all directions Tested and approved 300 – 1200 mm

Iso Flex-Stand modular Floor Stand

Bergvik's Iso Flex-Stand offers the only modular flat pack and patent pending Data and Electrical equipment floor stand in the market. They are designed to replace pre-welded floor stands that are heavy, bulky, and expensive.



This is a revolutionary and innovative approach to the procurement of floor stands, allowing a smaller footprint for storage and optimizing your space - which means more stock on hand and a significant reduction in lead times.

Available in floor heights ranging from 300 to 1200 mm, Bergvik’s flat pack floor stand offers high load capacity and ease of installation for contractors of raised floor, mission-critical power equipment. The perfect solution for secure support of PDU, STS, UPS, and Switchgear equipment.

The zero-clearance perimeter footprint allows for an unlimited number of stands to be placed side-by-side while meeting ASCE/SEI7 seismic / lateral load requirements for a majority of locations across the United States. Adjustable height leveling also allows for flexibility when sub-floors aren’t level.

All components are of pre-galvanized finish material to remove the risk for zinc whiskers.

  • Easy to install.
  • Finished floor heights between 300-1200 mm.
  • Made from high quality steel materials.
  • Super dynamic floor stand that fits on a shelf.
  • Mounts in 15 minutes.
  • Manufactured in USA.




(NA product sheet)

Technical description

In general

Modular Stand weight

45.5 kg/m2 at FFH 450 mm

Uniform Distributed load UDL

Up to 408 kg/sf

Finished Floor Height (FFH)

Typical: 300 - 1200 mm


Specification structure

80x40x1.5 mm
Adjustable height leveling
+/- 25 mm
Fire Rating
Subframe finish
Pre-galvanized finish on all components


Data center

Iso Floor & Iso Flex-Grid for data centers

Electrical equipment rooms

Electrical equipment & Substations

Heavy Industry

Flooring for Heavy Industry

Secure Seismic Solutions

Bergvik Seismic Solutions

Full range of accessories

We provide a wide range of accessories for our floors. One example is Bergvik’s smart holder clamp for cable ladders, which is very easy to attach and offers several different options for cabling. The range also includes ventilation grilles and panels in different materials and sizes. Contact us for more information on our range of accessories.


Fastener for cable ladder bracket

Bergvik’s holding clamp for cable ladder brackets is an accessory adapted to Iso Floor and HiFlex Floor (finished floor height minimum 16” or 400 mm). They fit most of the usual ladder brackets on the market and it is also possible to attach other equipment, such as e.g. ”Canalis rails” directly to this fastener.

The holding clamp is designed for easy mounting and has two fastening pins (M10) for attaching the ladder on two sides. If fastening pins are needed on several sides, you must connect two units. The holding clamp is easily attached to the pedestal with a mount and two M8 nuts. The holding clamp comes electro-plated and is ordered/delivered complete for the mounting of two brackets per pedestal.


Ventilation grille

Bergvik’s ventilation grille in hot galvanized finish is available in several sizes and materials - both grounded and ungrounded. Each mesh is 1.3” x 1.3” (33x33 mm) with 1/16” (2 mm) support profiles, which means that as much as 77% is open surface. Contact us for more information on our ventilation grilles.


Calcium sulphate panels

Bergvik’s floor panel of calcium sulphate is a non-combustible panel and resists moisture very well. As standard, it is coated with 1/32” (0.9 mm) HPL laminate (Print 577). It can also be supplied coated with plastic or linoleum or uncoated (tongue and groove, 1.25” or 32 mm).

The underside is coated with aluminium foil or alternatively, steel plate. Calcium sulphate is a fibre-reinforced plaster and is thus non-combustible. This makes it especially suitable for environments where you want to prevent smoke build-up, such as in mines, tunnels, underground stations. Calcium sulphate is also suitable in environments with high humidity and major temperature changes.



Bergvik's guard for cable ladders effectively protects all cables from unnecessary wear and shock and fits the usual cable ladders on the market. The guard is adjustable in width, from 8” – 31.5” (200 mm up to 800 mm).












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