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The Bergvik Group in Sweden is a family-owned company located in Bergvik, 10 miles (17 km) west of Söderhamn which is about 2 hours north of Stockholm. Our head office and main factory for manufacturing of our products is located in Bergvik, with local sales offices in Stockholm and Örebro, Sweden. Bergvik North America, Inc. is part of the Bergvik Group with additional subsidiaries in Australia, Norway, South Africa, and USA.

Since the start in 1970, Bergvik has specialized in complete raised access floor design solutions, primarily for computer rooms, indoor substations, low and medium tension distribution & operation centers, pulp & paper, steel, and mining industries. Since 1991, we added focus for our raised access floor design solutions for the telecom and data centers industries around the world and in 2000 also emergency operation centers and laboratories.

Since the beginning, Bergvik has invested a lot in R&D, which has resulted in the smart and sustainable products we provide today around the world. The development has, as an example, resulted in seismic bracing frames and a structural ceiling system with the same application areas as for our raised access floors, providing our customers with an even more complete solution.

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