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#Iso Floor #English

911 Dispatch Center, Harford County, USA

#Iso Floor #English

The mission from Harford County Emergency Services to Bergvik was to install an aesthetically pleasing, quality raised floor with a fully lateral stable sub-structure and only 1/3 as many pe­destals to avoid obstructions and speed up installation.


When Harford County Emergency Services was designing their new building they knew what they wanted when it came to their raised floor design in the Dispatch Center; a quality raised floor with matching A0040 Oak laminate surface finishes on Panels, Stairs, Border Fascia’s and Ramp to maximize the aesthetics in the Dispatch Center. That is why the Iso Floor from Bergvik was a perfect match for Harford and it became their choice.

Since the Iso Floor also is the only raised floor system on the market where one can install the entire sub-structure without the panels, it allowed all other sub-contractors to do their under-floor installations without removing and dama­ging the panels. It’s the floor for the future.

Bergvik Iso Floor

Bergvik’s Iso Floor for the 911 Dispatch Center was built in two levels, with an 18 & 42 inch (450 & 1065 mm) finished floor height to provide a higher Supervisor platform area in the center of the dispatch center.

The Bergvik laminate finish, extremely wear resistant and easy to clean, is so durable that cumbersome chair mats are not needed. Chairs with casters for hard surface floors glide smoothly around workstations. Panels are available in standard 24 x 24 inch size but can also be fabricated in custom sizes if required. Best of all, the floor carries an unrivaled 5-year warranty.

The total area of the Iso Floor installation was about 8800 SF (835 m2). The ar­chitect for the project was Edmeades & Stromdahl in Bel Air, Maryland. Bramic in Pickering, Canada supplied the console furniture. Moultrie Manufacturing in Moultrie, Georgia supplied the railings.

The flexible and adaptable Iso Floor construction allows de- signing for loads of up to 800 lbf/ft2 (40 kN/m2.) Distances between support members (Lx, Ly, Lz) are the factors guiding the static design load.


The mission from Harford County Emergen­cy Services to Bergvik was to install an aest­hetically pleasing, quality raised floor with a fully lateral stable sub-structure and only 1/3 as many pedestals to avoid obstructions and speed up installation.



Harford County 911 Center dispatcher coor­dinates resources for the public and the first responders answering the call for emergency assistance. Twelve volunteer Fire and Ambu­lance Companies protect the citizens of Har­ford County. The Harford County Council in early 2008 approved funds for the new Emer­gency Operations Center that stands here today.