Iso Floor Raised Floor

Seismic Design

The right choice

when you need

a floor that will

withstand vertical

and horizontal

dynamic forces.



Iso Floor for 911 Centres

The high grade steel understructure offers superior strength and expanded bridging capability, with standard finished floor heights range from 8 to 84 inches (200 to 2100 mm). Pedestal layouts with as much as 48x60 inches (1200x1500 mm) on center offer greater utility aisles and cable ways in the plenum.


The Iso Floor design allows for the self-supporting sub-structure to be installed without floor panels, which simplifies installations in the under floor plenum prior to panels being installed. The self-supporting sub-structure also prevents any rocking of floor panels. 


Panels are available in standard 24 x 24 inch (or 600 x 600 mm), and are also available in custom sizes if required.



Tech Floor for 911 Centers

Bergvik’s Tech Floor is an excellent solution for underfloor electrical, plumbing, cable and HVAC installations, providing adequate stability and strength for floor heights from 4 to 8 inches (100-200 mm).

Panels are available in standard 24 x 24 inch (or 600 x 600 mm), and are also available in custom sizes if required or specified.


The Tech Floor sub-structure consists of steel pedestal supports and adjustable pedestal heads with semi-conductive pads that lock the floor panels and pedestals jointly into position.


Read more about what our customers are saying about floors from Bergvik in their 911 centers, click here.


Features & Benefits

  • No chair mats are needed at dispatch workstations

  • Direct-laminated panels prevents delamination

  • Tapered panel edges assure that all panels stay flush

  • Easy drilling through panels using standard tools.

  • Panels as well as stairs, ramps and border facias are supplied with the same surface finish to maximize aesthetics.



Download our brochure about Iso Floor for Data Centers.







Download our brochure about Iso Floor for Electrical Equipment Rooms.







Download our brochure about Tech Floor


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Bergvik has entered into an agreement with RLA Power in Costa Rica to market and sell the Iso Floor & HiFlex Floor Raised Floor Systems and Iso Flex-Grid Structural Ceiling system in Latin America.

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