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Certification & sponsorship

Our certifications

We have high requirements for all processes in our production when it comes to the environment, quality and standard. Our certificates show that our procedures for these requirements work and that we are constantly working on improvements. On this page you will find all the certificates that Bergvik as a company currently holds.



Lloyd’s Register 

Certification which means that Bergvik Sweden AB has been evaluated and approved by LRQA
in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 standard.


AAA-credit rating

We are a reliable partner and our credit rating of AAA-rating,
which is the highest, is a testament to this.



Bergvik Sweden sponsors

We at Bergvik think it is important to give back to the community and to contribute resources to where
it is most needed. Below you can read about who Bergvik sponsors and what our partners work with.


Aktiv Skola (Active School)

Aktiv Skola is working to create a better school environment in Sweden and focuses their
work on informing about the areas of drugs, grooming, health, environment and bullying.


FTS Säkra Varje Unge (Secure every child)

The trust fund FTS Säkra Varje Unge is a non-profit organization with the aim to prevent
sexual abuse of children and grooming through preventive measures and free education
for all adults, children and adolescents in Sweden.


Giving People

Giving People's vision is that no child in Sweden should live in exclusion or poverty.
It is an organization that works to counteract financial vulnerability and child poverty
that exists in Sweden. Giving People also works with emergency food and other important
necessities. Since its inception in September 2013, the organization has donated a large
number of grocery bags, clothes, shoes and hygiene items for families in need all over Sweden.