Iso Floor for Data Centers

The Iso Floor from Bergvik is the only floor system that allows for optimization of the data center space due to it´s modular design.


”Only Bergvik’s Iso Floor could provide the kind of Server Rack density per square foot we needed”

says Tom Panozzo, CTO at Data Realty in South Bend IN.

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There is no other flooring system that allows for reconfiguration of the floor to suit all future and unforeseen requirements without also rebuilding the sub-structure at extreme cost.


Today, the most common practice is to start by laying out a  24"x24" (600x600mm) floor grid and adapt the Server rack layout and other equipment to that grid.


Instead, with the Iso Floor you can place the Server rack and other equipment wherever you want. Use any size floor grid modules to optimize your equipment layout by up to 20%. 


The Iso Floor sub-structure makes the 24"x24" (600x600 mm) module thinking obsolete. 


Different size Floor Panels

To achive optimized equipment layout and full access to the under floor area, we offer panel sizes from 12-48x24 inches (315-1220x600 mm). 


  16"x24"(400x600)       24"x24"(600x600)       36"x24"(900x600)








Open Bottom Access

By simply replacing panels with square steel tubing under the electrical equipment areas, it provides for an open bottom access for easy cable access as well as direct cooling, if required. 





Features and Benefits

  • Floor heights available from 12 to 84 inches (300-2100 mm). For floor heights from 84 inches (2100 mm), we recommend the HiFlex Floor system.

  • All heavy equipment including PDU's and CRAH units are supported directly by the rigid and self-supporting sub-structure. No costly and bulky equipment stands are needed.

  • Unique system flexibility means future equipment expansion can be built into the floor design.

  • Up to 48x48 inches (1200x1200 mm) spacing between pedestals.

  • No obstructing pedestals under cabinets or in cable routes due to flexible pedestal placement.

  • Up to 70% fewer
    pedestals than with
    conventional 24"x24" (600x600mm) grid floors. 


  • All under floor cable management installations can be supported directly by the Iso Floor sub-structure via accessory mounting kit.


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