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Iso Flex-Grid

A stronger and flexible structural ceiling system

The complete solution

The Iso Flex-Grid is an engineered structural ceiling system that acts as both a dropped return air ceiling plenum, as well as a support grid, providing a cost effective solution for use in data centres, clean rooms, labs and other environments.


Continous threaded slot to maximize flexibility

The Iso Flex-Grid system uses high-grade aluminium extrusions with a continues M10 threaded slot along the entire underside of the grid. The ceiling grid is assembled using 2, 3 and 4 way high strength die-cast connectors. The design allows for varying sized grids to be built, offering quick attachment both below and above the grid for services such as power distribution and communications trays, electrical busway systems, fibre runways, cable ladders, caging & containment products. 


The ceiling grid that keeps on saving


Easy to fit ceiling tiles can be supplied in a variety of different materials, sizes, colours and brands. With the ceiling tiles in place you can create a hot return air plenum for use in combination with a contained hot aisle, individual cabinet chimney systems or contained cold aisles. The ceiling tiles can be secured to the grid if preferred.


As with the Iso Floor system, the Iso Flex- Grid can be adapted to your equipment layout for optimal access in all aisles. Ongoing changes can also be supported allowing you to continue to take advantage of its flexibility for years to come. Auto Cad layout or optional Revit models can be provided in support of this offering.

With all the equipment supported directly either below or above the Iso Flex-Grid, no struts or other supports will need to penetrate the ceiling tiles, reducing air leakage to a minimum. With the threaded slot in the grid extrusion, it is easy to add, change, or remove any installations, saving time, material and labour costs for the life of the system. 


Load and system data


Extrusion Material: Extruded aluminium

Extrusion Alloy: 6106

Temper: T1

Weight: 1 kg per lineal meter 

Connector matieral: Zinc aluminium alloy

Connector Alloy: Zamak 5

Turn buckle material: 304 stainless steel


System Weight

- 1200x1200 mm grid configuration = 2,80 kg/m2

- 1200x600 mm grid configuration = 3,95 kg/m2

- 600x600 mm grid configuration = 5,44 kg/m2

(The above weights are excluding ceiling tiles/panels)


Point load ratings at L/250 (span/250)

- 63 kg at the centre of a 1220 mm span

- 89 kg at 305 mm from a supported connector

- 300 kg minimum directly under a supported grid connector






Features & Benefits

  • Serves the dual pupose of being both a load-bearing grid for all overhead installations combined with a drop down ceiling

  • Extremely cost effective for future Server Rack expansions. It does not require a Server Rack layout and dimensions before a client moves in, which is quite popular with major US technology companies. It is also easy to attach hot/cold aisle containment and chimney systems to the grid. All this will simplify the facility planning for Colocation providers

  • Extremely flexible, allowing for countless overhead suspension points in all directions. Using a Unistrut suspension system for support of all overhead installations needs to be fully planned beforehand, and the standard ceiling installed afterwords struggle to look good and function properly

  • Provide less facility disruptions and ceiling damage when upgrades for equipment changes are done, thereby simplifies the process and reduces labour investment. Once the threaded rods are drilled through the standard ceiling system, the ceiling panel cannot be moved withour breaking it out and adding cost. The hole in the ceiling panels from threaded rods also creates a risk for particle contamination in the Server room and increases the risk for costly air leakage

  • Provides a low maintenance cost, since there will be no need for additional suspension points and replacement of ceiling components. It is also easy to attach any security caging barriers to the grid

  • Capable of supporting all the wiring and cabling in the data center and therefore, once the access floor is installed there is no need for the floor panels to be lifted when a new client moves in. By keeping the raised floor plenum closed, the energy consumption that will be saved equates to about 15% of the electricity bill

  • Offers a patent pending ceiling panel hold down clip that allows individual ceiling panels to be removed or locked down at any location. This is a major feature when the static pressure below the ceiling grid is substantially higher. No other system can offer this flexibility!




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